Location: Madrid, Spain

I love eating Golden Delicious apples with peanut butter. I shop too much, drive an old car, and save my Starbucks money for traveling. Disillusioned women writers are my inspiration, especially Sylvia Plath and Sara Teasdale. I adore used book stores and fleamarkets.


Life in the Gran Via

My new favorite place in the world. Last night I browsed Rebajas, went to Mass, and listened to a good string quintet - all in the same little bit of street. Plaza de España is also good, but beware the old men who want to talk philosophy. Today I got up early by Spanish standards (10.00, a good 3 hours earlier than necessary) and came into the city. A job interview at 18.00, about 3 hours away, and all of the city to occupy me.

A word to the wise about dining: even if the bartender says the food you want is callo (sp?), don´t believe him - it´s only menudo.


Blogger Beauty Will Save the World said...

I miss you already. Also, I didn't know you liked Sara Teasdale. I just picked up a book of her poetry recently at a used book store; I enjoy it quite a bit. How is Spain treating you? Love you!

Blogger Hannah said...

i would fit well somewhere that 10.00 is an early morning...


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